Cabinet Refinishing

Cabinet Refinish


Complimenting your floors, revitalizing your Cabinets can renew the life and luster of your wood cabinets. The renewal process thoroughly cleans the surface, repairs damaged areas with less mess and applies an elegant finish to protect your wood.

1. Assessment – Schedule an appointment with one of our representatives to give you and estimate and consultation.  When you’re ready to schedule service, our wood specialist will go over the project and timeline in full detail.
2. Preparation – After scheduling a time to start the work on your cabinets, we ask that you remove all items from the countertop.
3. Enjoy – Your cabinets will be ready to use within that evening of completion.

Basic Renewal projects typically have minimal wear on the wood surface. Touch-ups are performed timely to remove grease and dirt, making this a convenient service that will renew your cabinets. Items may be left in the cabinets without interfering with the work. Typically, Basic Renewal are completed in one day, making it very economic and convenient. (see photo below)

Color Shift slightly warms the tone of the wood without covering the wood grain. Color shifts are generally performed to remove the yellowing look wood gets from aged oil based finishes. This is great if you want a darker tone for your cabinets. The Color Shift is a great service to restore any sun-faded areas. Typically, this service takes 2-3 days to complete. (see photo below)

Color Shift


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