Custom Staining

Whether you are looking to refresh your current floors or install new flooring, we provide you with our custom staining service that allows you to create a color and tone that matches your preference.

  1. Scheduling – Virtually, there is an unlimited color, shade, and tone you can have for your floors.┬áIf you have a particular color and/or tone you want, schedule an appointment with us to learn about your customization options.
  2. Consultation – We’ll work and consult to find a stain that best matches your taste. If you can describe and provide pictures or samples of your ideal stain, we can achieve a near perfect match.
  3. Blending – After gathering the details of your preference, we will blend a few samples for you to choose.
  4. Preparation – Once you happy with a stain, we ask that you remove all items and objects from the working area. We will be happy to assist you with moving heavy furniture.
  5. Application – After finalizing the custom stain, we will apply the stain onto your floors. Every custom stain is unique and requires time to cure and dry. Our rep will consult with you on the time and scheduling for the full application of the stain.
  6. Sanding and Finishing – Once the stain is cured, we will sand accordingly and apply 3-stages of water-based or oil-based finish.