Hardwood Floor Repairs

Sometimes there are a few boards that need to be replaced or in most cases, some parts of the floor just need extra attention. Repairs can be made to revitalize your floors.

  1. Scheduling – Make an appointment for us to come and assess your floors.
  2. Assessment – Repairing floors requires extensive knowledge and experience due to the fact that every repair is unique. Understanding that each project has its own delicacy, we assess each situation with care in order to apply the correct procedures. Working with you, we will provide a variety of options to proceed with the repairs.
  3. Preparation – We ask that you remove all items and objects away from the working area. We’ll be happy to assist you with moving the heavy furnitures if you request it in advance.
  4. Repairing– After assessing the floors, we will prepare the project for any or all of the procedures below:
    • Board Replacements: Some damaged floors may be isolated and repaired individually by replacing a few boards.
    • Wood Filling: Some floors may need a touch up by filling up the spaces between boards
  5. Sanding & Refinishing – In general, sand and refinish would be applied to the working area to match existing floors within the home.