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Floor Pros were prompt, efficient, very professional. They did a good job re-sanding and finishing a new maple floor that had been poorly finished by another company hired by the contractor. What a difference.
My (fired) contractor hired people to install and finish a new maple floor. The installation was okay, but the sanding was terrible. There were swirls and high/low areas throughout. They had applied one coat of finish. As many things were going south in the remodel, I fired the contractor and contacted others to deal with the job. Floor Pros work was detail oriented throughout. I will use them again.
 -Poerinsky A.
I had very old hardwood floors in the house I just bought which were previously covered by carpet, and in one room vinyl tiles stuck on with tar paper. I had pulled the vinyl tiles off myself, which left some significant gouges in the floor in that room, and there was still some tar paper stuck to the rest of the floor. Floor Pros refinished these floors bringing out a really nice color, fixed the gouges, including a small trim piece in the living room which stained a different color from the rest. They also installed new flooring in the hallway where I had pulled up some of the old tiles that extended from the kitchen. Floor pros were great. I had some really rough old hardwood in my house that they refinished and brought back to life. They also installed new flooring in one area and made sure the new stuff matched the old. Darren, the guy who runs Floor Pros, is extremely friendly, responsive, and has a good eye for what will look good in your house. After the project was completed he came out right away to fix the couple issues I did have , which were minor. The price was also competitive or below all the other quotes I got. Thanks Darren and Floor Pros – I’d definitely recommend to anyone else.
-Cameron D.
Our job was actually three jobs:
Engineered hardwood installation in our downstairs guest bath; Hardwood installation in the common areas of the 3rd floor living area to match the rest of the house; Complete refinishing of our 21-stair, three-level oak staircase. In certain areas, new floor boards and quarter round trim was installed as well.The entire installation and cleanup took 4 full days. We had a our badly marred and scarred hardwood stairs sanded, re-stained and finished. This was a difficult and time-consuming job as there was almost 30 years of accumulated grit, double-sided carpet tape adhesive, nicks and stains on the solid red oak stairs. They came out beautifully, almost like new. Our home has a floating, open staircase design and we were very concerned about wood dust migrating beyond the work area into the living areas of the house.  Of course some dust did find its way into other areas of the house, but the problem was minimal and we were able to rid the house of all dust within two days. Kudos to the Floor Pros for listening to our concerns and trying very hard to deal with them.My wife and I were home during the entire process, which made their job even more difficult as we were constantly needing to walk through the work area which would violate the dust-proof plastic shielding.The hardwood installation went without a hitch.The guest bathroom floor was “floated” onto ceramic tile, rather than pulling up the tiles. The floor was laid over the tiles on a thin layer of foam paper. I was concerned about this method of installation as I didn’t want the wood planks to pop up or buckle. No worries.  This worked out beautifully. As a plus, the floor is warmer now :>).

The third-floor hardwood installation was a three-day job with no issues other than nearly running out of material.  No problem though, the guys did a brilliant job of cutting and pasting hardwood boards to fit without having to buy additional product. We are thrilled with the results and highly recommend this company for their professionalism, attention to detail and thorough end of job cleanup (a big deal for us)…..
-Randall H.


Hi Jason,

The experience of working with you guys has been great. Wee are not only pleased with the quality of the floors, but also with the speed in which the work was completed. We will be recommending you to anyone we can in the future. I will be at the house at one.
-Kristen J.


I Thank you for wonderful job that was completed by Tony, Eduardo, Ricardo brothers and other members. My husband and I truly appreciated their honest hard work.
-Tamae R.


Cindy, Jason, Darren,

Thanks so much for the excellent service & professional attitude! Our home looks great.
-Jon D. & Laney W.


Had hardwood floors in a bedroom and study repaired and refinished.My son went off to college in January. His bedroom looked like a war zone. We decided to turn it into a guest room by refinishing the hardwood floors and painting the walls. We obtained 3 estimates of which Floor Pros was the middle one. I am always suspicious of the lowest bid and the highest bid and often take the middle bid if they are all in the same ballpark. Darren Hue, who gave us the estimate, was punctual and professional. While looking over the room he spotted the poor condition of the floors in the adjacent study and suggested we finish that also. Since the men were already going to be in the house and the bedroom wouldn’t take all their time, he threw in the study for only an extra $75. That was too good to turn down. He was also very good about working out the logistics with the painters. On Monday and Tuesday the floor crew sanded and refinished the floors, up to the last coat. On Wednesday and Thursday the painters did their thing. On Friday morning the floor crew came back for the final coat. By Saturday morning floors and walls were dry and ready to move in furniture. Everything went as planned, with no surprises. Even the painter was impressed.  I would definitely use Floor Pros again.
-Paul G.

They did an excellent job in the repair and refinishing of a portion of our 15×15 dining room hardwod floor that was water damaged.There was a slight flaw in one area and they promptly came out the following day to remedy the problem.Overall they did an excellent job and we would highly recommend them.
-Loretta J.


The team sanded the floors, replaced boards as needed and refinished my 85 year old hardwood floors. They did an outstanding job.  There were here when promised and went right to work.  I gave them a key so they didn’t need me to hand around an empty house all day.  You can’t tell where the boards have been replaced and smaller dents were patches to that they are hard to spot unless you are looking.  I chose the commercial grade finish since I have two large dogs and I haven’t seen any scratches or dings since moving back in.  If only they could unpack the boxes as well……
-Debbie D.
Hardwood floors refinished in two Apartments – 1100 square feet each, plus a third room. Floor Pros sanded, repaired floors where needed, cleaned up and refinished floors. I recently took possession of a property that I own in SF. I had a very tight schedule from the tenants moving out and my family moving in. I called Floor Pros on a Friday to get a quote to refinish the hardwood floors in two apartments; Darren came out right away to quote the job. He assured me that he could get the floors refinished in time for the movers to show up and deliver my furniture. Darren’s team arrived as promised and started the work on time. The entire team was courteous, professional. Work was completed as promised. When I showed up to see the final result, it looked like they replaced all the hardwood – it looked that good! In the lower apartment, the floors were in horrible condition – the tenants let an aging dog urinate in the living room in a 4′ x2′ area, plus there were multiple water stains in every room. In one of the bedrooms, there was extensive wear and the wood looked like it was going to have to be completely replaced. Darren’s team repaired where necessary, and again the floor looked brand new! I highly recommend Floor Pros – will use them again.
-Brian V.
They removed the carpet from the living room and hallway, sanded the area and three bedrooms, one of which was badly warped, and finished them. They patched where the floor needed patching and they hauled all the trash/rug/pad away. I got an appointment for an estimate within two days of my first call. They came out, measured, and got me a quote the same afternoon. They were able to fit me in within a week which was critical as I was trying to move in to my newly purchased house. The floors look amazing, the price was $1,000 less than another company I looked at, and they cleaned up after themselves quite nicely. They were done with the job sooner than I anticipated which was very nice and they are easy to reach and responsive to questions – and I’ve had many…never had wood floors before. I will be calling them out to provide an estimate for (and likely do) my kitchen floor which I recently found out is hardwood as well under a layer of plywood and awful linoleum.
Betthany S.
Floor Pros has a great showroom where you can view installed samples of various hardwood looring as well as samples of laminate and other types. Jason was very helpful and patient in helping me choose the type and sizing of the flooring material. During demolition of the old flooring and installation of the new the crew was very punctual and professional and quick. They spent more time on my stairway than they had probably estimated but didn’t charge extra and did an excellent job overall. The new floors look gorgeous and have no flaws whatsoever.
Craig M.
I was in the process of closing on my first home when I first contacted Floor Pros about fixing up the floor. I didn’t know whether I needed refinishing or a buff and coat. From my description of the floor Jason said I might be able to do a buff and coat (estimate $600) but after looking at it he said the deeper scratches would not come out and that I would need to refinish ($1250) to get those out. He didn’t pressure me either way.
I was trying to get the floors done before I moved in so I wouldn’t have to deal with moving furniture out of the way, but my closing was delayed. I ended up having to push my move date back a week, in part so I could have time to get a second estimate. The property manager of the building said she had “a guy,” so I got an estimate from him too. He also said $600 for a buff and coat, but he is not a floor specialist; he would just rent a machine to do it, and refinishing would be beyond his ability. Since Floor Pros gave me the same estimate for a buff and coat as the “guy” did, I figured it was probably a good price, and I chose to go with the actual professionals.
I also chose to go with refinishing, after waffling a bit, because if I was going to go through the trouble I figured I may as well do it right. (Normally I would do my waffling before even contacting a provider, but I found it impossible to get any kind of ballpark idea of how much it might cost without actually having someone come look at it. I have a feeling I will encounter this a lot as a home owner…)
In summary, I was under a lot of stress and time pressure and had a hard time being a “good customer” because of my own circumstances, but although I got a sense that Jason was a bit annoyed with my moving dates around and changing my mind on what I wanted, he remained professional about it anyway.
The actual refinishing job was perfect. Absolutely gorgeous. It did change the color a bit, which I was not expecting; it went from that yellowish coloring that is so common to a more natural maple sort of color. I do actually like this color better, but if I didn’t, I’d probably be a little upset that I hadn’t been warned that could/would happen.
Susanna A.
Jason at Floor Pros helped us get our floor refinished on a very short timeline so we could move into our new home in time.  They were very professional, responsive, and did a fantastic job at a price that was much less than other quotes we got.  They went out of their way to make the experience great for us (nervous first time home owners).  I would definitely use them again for any flooring needs.
Christopher K.